Initially forming in December 2020, the current board was elected in January of 2023.

They will serve until January of 2024. Our board has representatives from throughout Butler County:


Morgen Mogus is a student at Clarion University, majoring in Business Management and Economics, and is an energetic, enthusiastic libertarian. Formerly of Reserve Township, Morgen moved to Parker Township with his family and has lived in the county for over a decade. Joining the liberty movement in 2018, he has volunteered and helped Libertarian campaigns across Pennsylvania. He also works in the finance and banking industries.

Vice Chair

Christopher Logan is an engineer professionally, but is an advocate for liberty and freedom. He joined the liberty movement due to the antiwar activism in response to the government's involvement in wars overseas. Living in Connoquenessing since 2011, he was elected to the Borough Council in 2021, becoming one of the first Libertarian officeholders in Butler County.


Wendi Farmer has been a Cranberry Township resident since 2012, along with her husband, Jon, and their three children. After years as a stay-at-home mother, Wendi opened a small business which she operated for eight years. Since then Wendi’s focus has been on her family, volunteering her time in the community, and devoting time to the study of political philosophy and economics. She first developed an interest in politics during the 2008 election cycle, where she first about Ron Paul, and went on to volunteer with the 2012 Presidential campaign. She observed how averse the establishment is to a candidate so committed to the principles of individual liberty, limited government and fiscal responsibility, and realized there isn’t a home for such candidates within the two-party system.

Recording Secretary

Larry Fine, of Cranberry Township, is a software engineer, father of two, and a lifelong Libertarian Party supporter and volunteer. Larry was the first chair for the Libertarian Party of Butler County, as well as one of it's reorganizational founders. He has volunteered for the Harry Browne, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Jo Jorgensen campaigns, among others. He is a lifetime member in the national Libertarian Party as well as the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. He is a former officer of the Libertarian Party of Henry County, Georgia.

Member at Large

Derek Scott, of Center Township, has lived in Butler County for most of his life; attended Butler Area High School, Butler Area Vo Tech, and earned his Eagle Scout award with Troop 6. He started working as a machinist out of high school and transitioned into a career in sales. After the tyrannical lockdowns and COVID mandates, Derek became motivated to get involved with local politics and help cut intrusive government out of our lives.