After initially forming in December 2020, the current board was elected at our monthly membership meeting in January of 2022. They will serve until January of 2023. Our board has representatives from throughout Butler County.


Greg Deal is a lifelong resident of Butler County, a steelworker, a veteran, father of two, a coach, and a brewer of beer. He graduated Butler High School in 2001 and spent time at Slippery Rock University for business management. He was a volunteer for the Jo Jorgensen and other libertarian candidate campaigns as well as acting Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania's Board of Directors.

Vice Chair

Jon Raso is a seasoned political veteran who has worked on a number of national campaigns, as a District Director for the U.S. House of Representatives, manager for a winning U.S. Congressional campaign, and as a Regional Manager in the U.S. Senate. He lives in Butler County with his wife and three children and works in the insurance field. He previously served as treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Butler County.


Nik Pflueger is a self employed masonry contractor who has lived in Butler County his whole life. He enjoys hunting, camping, and helping others in any way possible.

Recording Secretary

Larry Fine is a software engineer, father of two, and a lifelong Libertarian Party supporter and volunteer. He was previously chair for Butler County, and has volunteered for the Harry Browne, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Jo Jorgensen campaigns, among others. He is a lifetime member in the national Libertarian Party as well as the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. He is a former officer of the Libertarian Party of Henry County, Georgia.

Member at Large

Morgen Mogus is a student at Clarion University, majoring in Business Management and Economics, and is an energetic, enthusiastic libertarian. Joining the liberty movement in 2018, he has volunteered for Jo Jorgensen, Jacob Hornberger, Ken Krawchuk, as well as other Libertarian campaigns inside and out of Pennsylvania. He also works in the finance and banking industries.