Listed below are the Libertarian Party of Butler County's candidates for the 2022 Midterm Elections.
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Derek Scott

State Representative, District 8

Derek has lived in Butler County most of his life; attended Butler Area High School, Butler Area Vo Tech, and earned his Eagle Scout award with Troop 6. He started working as a machinist out of high school and transitioned into a career in sales. Unlike career politicians, Derek believes in the rights of the smallest minority: The Individual.

His top issues are putting an end to tyrannical lockdowns and COVID mandates, defending the Second Amendment, legalizing marijuana, pushing to end the War on Drugs, and cutting our intrusive government out of our lives.

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Greg Deal

State Representative, District 11

Greg is a 39 year old husband, father, veteran, steel worker, and lifelong resident of the Butler area. Graduated from Butler High School in 2001 and spent time at Slippery Rock University for Business Management.

He became a Libertarian because he saw how inefficient and ineffective our government was at all levels. He is a supporter of free markets and a big proponent of voluntaryism. Top issues are lowering or removing restrictions and regulations on small businesses to help them compete against large conglomerates, moving us closer to self-governance since nobody understands what is best for the individual more than the individual, funding students instead of systems by allow parents to make decisions on where to send their kids to school, pushing Defend the Guard legislation which reminds Congress that deploying Pennsylvania's National Guard soldiers to active war zones without a Declaration of War is unconstitutional, and defending Second Amendment rights, as any gun law is unconstitutional.

"Common sense gun control should be: Sight picture, steady breathing, and a good trigger squeeze."

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Wendi Farmer

State Representative, District 12

Wendi has been a Cranberry Township resident since 2012, along with her husband, Jon, and their three children. After years as a stay-at-home mother, Wendi opened a small business which she operated for eight years. Since then Wendi’s focus has been on her family, volunteering her time in the community, and devoting time to the study of political philosophy and economics.

Wendi first developed an interest in politics during the 2008 election cycle, where she first heard from libertarian-Republican candidate for President, Congressman Ron Paul, and went on to volunteer with the 2012 campaign. His presence in the debates ignited in many a passion for philosophy and a deep dive into the relationship between government and economics. She observed how averse the establishment is to a candidate so committed to the principles of individual liberty, limited government and fiscal responsibility, and realized there isn’t a home for such candidates within the two-party system.

As a candidate for State Representative, Wendi hopes to introduce more people to libertarian ideas and communicate how liberty-based policy would produce better outcomes than a reliance on government. Her top issues are reducing tax burdens across the board, particularly in property and school taxes, enacting school choice and drastically change K-12 education to fund students instead of systems, and incentivizing Pennsylvania energy production by getting bureaucrats out of the way.

David Gann

State Representative, District 17

David is a 19-year resident of Pennsylvania currently working as a service technician in the restaurant industry and runs a local campground with his husband. Previously, he served as a military policeman in the U.S. Army, where he was honorably discharged. A former Democrat, then Republican, David joined the Libertarian Party in 1992 after becoming disillusioned with the two old parties:

“They look out for personal responsibility, personal liberty. They’re not trying to tell people what they can and can’t do. If a guy and another guy want to date, who cares? It’s between two adults. Marijuana? Treat it like alcohol, as long as you’re not harming somebody else.”

He is a strong believer in the Constitution, supports decentralizing the power of the state to local communities in areas such as criminal justice and education, believes abortion should stay between a woman and her doctor, fights for LGBTQ+ rights, and calls to end the War on Drugs and legalize marijuana.

“I think people at the local level can handle things better. The leaders are your neighbors, so they will try to make things right. Once they go to Harrisburg or Washington, D.C., they lose a lot.”