Derek Scott

State Representative, District 8

I’ve lived in Butler County most of my life; I attended Butler Area High School, Butler Area Vo Tech, and earned my Eagle Scout award with Troop 6. I've started working as a machinist out of high school and transitioned into a career in sales. Unlike career politicians, I believe in the rights of the smallest minority: The Individual.

My top issues are putting an end to tyrannical lockdowns and COVID mandates, defending the Second Amendment, legalizing marijuana, pushing to end the War on Drugs, and cutting our intrusive government out of our lives.

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Greg Deal

State Representative, District 11

I am a 39 year old husband, father, veteran, steel worker, and lifelong resident of the Butler area. Graduated from Butler High School in 2001 and spent time at Slippery Rock University for Business Management.

I became a Libertarian because I saw how inefficient and ineffective our government was at all levels. I am a supporter of free markets and a big proponent of voluntaryism. My top issues are lowering or removing restrictions and regulations on small businesses to help them compete against large conglomerates, moving us closer to self-governance since nobody understands what is best for the individual more than the individual, funding students instead of systems by allow parents to make decisions on where to send their kids to school, pushing Defend the Guard legislation which reminds Congress that deploying Pennsylvania's National Guard soldiers to active war zones without a Declaration of War is unconstitutional, and defending Second Amendment rights, as any gun law is unconstitutional. Period. Common sense gun control should be: Sight picture, steady breathing, and a good trigger squeeze.

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David Gann

State Representative, District 17

I am a 19-year resident of Pennsylvania currently working as a service technician in the restaurant industry and my spouse and I also run a local campground. I served as a military policeman in the U.S. Army, where I was honorably discharged. I am a believer in the Constitution, a strong local-level government, and effective job results rather than political affiliation.