Listed below are the Libertarian Party of Butler County's candidates for the 2024 Presidential Election.
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Derek Scott

State Representative, District 8

Derek has lived in Butler County most of his life; attended Butler Area High School, Butler Area Vo Tech, and earned his Eagle Scout award with Troop 6. He is a blue collar man, working as a machinist for a living. Unlike career politicians, Derek believes in the rights of the smallest minority: The Individual.

His top issues are defending the Second Amendment, legalizing marijuana, pushing to end the War on Drugs, and cutting our intrusive government out of our lives.

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Justin Konchar

State Representative, District 11

"I grew up in Lyndora and have lived here my entire life. As a homeowner and business owner, I have a vested interest in strengthening our community. I’m not the culture war candidate; I’m focused on fixing this damned economy. I’m the less taxes, less government interference candidate.

I’m the candidate for Main Street, not Wall Street. I’m committed to giving back by pledging to donate half of my government salary to local charities, providing immediate support to our community."

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